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Getting Started

The adoption process begins with learning about the different types of adoption available to you, understanding the legal process of adoption, considering the parenting options for your child and then making the decision about whether you wish to parent your child or make an adoption plan for your child. Bright Futures will assist you in beginning the adoption process with an Orientation Packet. The Orientation Packet will include information about different types of adoption, alternatives to adoption, birth parents' rights, starting the adoption process, working with Bright Futures and copies of forms that you will be asked to complete that will help you begin to consider your feelings about adoption.

Request a Birth Parent Orientation Packet
What You Need to Know About Working with Bright Futures
Statement of Birth Parent Rights
Parenting Options
Adoption Glossary
Birth Family Medical Information Form
Birth Mother Social and Family History Form
Birth Father Social and Family History Form

The decision about whether you wish to parent your child or make an adoption plan for your child is likely to be the most difficult decision you have ever made and Bright Futures understands that while you are making this decision you will probably experience emotional ups and downs. You may feel lonely, scared, overwhelmed, guilty, confused or anxious. Bright Futures provides counseling and support during your decision-making process at no charge, regardless of the decision you make. To speak with someone at Bright Futures about this decision, please call toll-free 1-877-652-6678.


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