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Kerna, Jim and Ben

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Pumpkin Picking At Our Favorite Local Farm

About Ben
Ben is an intelligent, thoughtful, and most importantly happy four year old.  He has many interests but especially loves playing with toy cars/trucks (anything with wheels!), blocks/legos, books, art and listening to music.  Because our families live out of state, Ben has become a "frequent flyer" and seems to love airplanes.  His biggest strengths are his amazing vocabulary and memory.  He loves the Cars movie and recites lines and expressions better than we can!

Seeing Ben interact with his cousins and friends gives us confidence that he will be a wonderful big brother.  He has a calm and gentle demeanor.  Our neighbors and friends compliment us constantly saying how sweet and well-behaved he is.  We believe he will be an incredible role-model to a sister or brother.  

Kerna's Family Celebrate Her Birthday

Kerna and Jim were both raised in a family of five.  All of our siblings are married with children, making family visits much more entertaining.  Although our families live out of state we consistently make it a priority to visit one another especially during summers and holidays.

Jim's Family on a Cold Winters Night!

Our parents are a tremendous influence on us leading lives of service, integrity and compassion.  They play an active role in all of their grandchildren's lives, making efforts to attend school functions, recreational games and birthday parties, doing whatever it takes to get them there!  They consistently give their undivided attention to each child, making sure that they feel important and special.


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